Great Western Trail

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Great Western Trail

The western United States hosts National Forests and other Public Lands in which a corridor runs from Canada to Mexico through the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. The Great Western Trail (GWT) is more than just a trail. It is a corridor of paralleling routes that accommodates all kinds of trail users and allows them all to access and enjoy our public lands. The diversity of terrain and natural wonders cannot be found along any other trail system. The GWT traverses lush alpine meadows and dry dusty deserts; rocky mountain ridge tops and carved sand- stone canyons; and densely forested mountains and cactus covered deserts. With minimal new construction, the GWT links together exiting trails and roads to create a network of trails and passageways for horsemen, hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, snowmobilers and other motorized trail enthusiasts.

The GWT is designed to link together communities and bring economic opportunities to rural areas by allowing the trail user to easily access those communities and their resources. The GWT will connect the user to Points of Discovery that highlight the unique culture, history, and traditions of the Old West.

The Great Western Trail Association is a non-profit corporation that represents the trail users. They coordinate efforts to develop, maintain, promote, and designate the GWT through partnerships between federal, state, and local land management agencies, as well as private businesses, property owners, individuals, and user groups.

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